Cycling Sports Readers
you can wear all day

Near-invisible bifocal readers
Change colour with light levels
UV protection
Impact-resistant polycarbonate lenses


Our bifocal glasses help if:

You've forgotten to carry your reading glasses

You need to fix something on your bike

You want to check a message on your phone

You want to see your cyclemeter, powermeter or Garmin clearly

You want to read the menu at your local café

How do they work?

  • These bifocals are for people with good distance vision, but who need glasses to read
  • They have a magnification section at the bottom
  • Just tilt your eyes down to read!

What else do they do?

  • Glare: They change colour – most cyclists prefer to have glasses that change colour, depending on the conditions. In other words, they go dark with bright sunlight, but are clear in dim light. This means that you can wear them all day long.
  • Impact: The lenses are impact resistant polycarbonate. This means that your eyes are protected from sticks and stones. They also help to block grit, flies and wind.
  • UV: The lenses are 100% UVA & UVB resistant. This means that your eyes are protected from sun damage.

You’re probably going to wear some sort of sunglasses anyway, right? Why not use our lenses to help your eyes work the best?

Looking for Prescription Cycling Glasses?

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What is the normal process?

Choose one of our frames (or use your own)

Choose your bifocal strength (+1.50, +2.00 or +2.50)

Your glasses are shipped the next day