Photochromic lenses are lenses that respond to UV light, darkening to reduce brightness and glare when the user is out in sunlight, and returning to a clear or a reduced tint when the glasses are worn inside.

Do you currently wear photochromic lenses for cycling, but find that they are often just not dark enough for the majority of your ride? Eyesports now offers a photochromic lens which tints to a much darker sunglass when exposed to bright sunlight. When riding in the harsh Australian sun, you need the best protection.

Coupling the extra-dark photochromic technology with Eyesports’ Bifocal Readers allows cyclists to be able to ride on incredibly glarey days, but also be able to read a map or see their text messages. You will love not having to switch to your reading glasses every time you recieve a text message.

Standard Photochromatic Lenses

Clear to dark grey

Tint amount 16% ~ 75%’s standard photochromic lens is nearly clear when non-activated. Tint amount gradually increases with UV (sunlight) exposure. These lenses are a great all-rounder for nearly all environments, whether inside or in the harsh Australian sun.

Extra Dark Photochromatic Lenses

Light grey to extra-dark grey

Tint amount 45% ~ 83%’s extra dark photochromic lens helps to protect your eyes at all times, starting with a light tint when non-activated, increasing up to a dark sunglass tint when exposed to bright sunlight. These lenses are ideal for long periods of outdoor activity, and are better than the standard photochromatic lenses for very bright days.